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Downtown Appleton Building

In the heart of downtown Appleton, Riverview Gardens’ 513 W. College Avenue building is a collaborative and creative space to for our mission. At the heart of the 513 building is Riverview Gardens’ C.A.R.E. (Clean Assess Refresh Enhance) collaboration with the City of Appleton and Appleton Downtown, Inc.

The C.A.R.E. collaboration  provides job-training and transitional employment opportunities for participants of Riverview Gardens’ impactful ServiceWorks® job-training program. C.A.R.E. teams, consisting of ServiceWorks participants, supplement existing cleaning services within the downtown business improvement district managed by Appleton Downtown and the City, and they receive meaningful transferable skill-based and leadership training and work opportunities.

In addition, at the 513 building, we lease space to collaborative partners, and provide pop-up opportunities. The space is open for retail operations on special event days and by appointment. Please “like” us on Facebook here and subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter here to get the latest news about events at the 513 building. For more information about events, as well as collaborative or leasing opportunities, reach out to us at [email protected]

Stay tuned for for future collaborative and creative opportunities.


In collaboration with the Community Clothes Closet, we are excited to announce a new Pop Up Shop where you can purchase fresh produce and vintage clothing! Riverview Gardens and Community Clothes Closet are dedicated to lifting up our community members in need. By purchasing produce from Riverview Gardens and vintage clothing from Community Clothes Closet, you are directly impacting lives. You can expect to see a variety of this season’s produce, along with vintage clothes throughout the decades.

Yes, those 90’s vintage band t-shirts have made a come back, but supporting people will never go out of style.

Thank you for supporting Riverview Gardens and this unique collaboration!

Cash, check and cards accepted. Free parking lot in back of building.