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Enjoy Our Property

Riverview Gardens® is privately-owned property. As a community organization, we open our park space and trails to the public every day of the year, dawn to dusk. You are welcome to enjoy the trails and park in the following ways:

Please follow all posted property rules. Check out a video of the expert mountain biking trail at Riverview Gardens:

Map Key

  • A Fields [+-]

  • B Prairie [+-]

  • C Orchards [+-]

  • D Hoop Houses [+-]

  • E Hydroponic Greenhouse [+-]

  • F Trails [+-]

  • G Mtn Bike Trails [+-]

  • H Facilities [+-]

Leashed dogs are permitted on the trails. Please pick up dog waste. Organized/paid sporting events, such as bicycle or foot races are prohibited. Camping, fires or interference with Riverview Gardens operations also are prohibited. A complete list of park rules is posted in kiosks at multiple entrances to the property. Parking is available in the community center parking lot (please park in the single lot nearest the park), as well as along W. Seymour Street.