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Our Newest Social Enterprise – Aquaponics!

Our Newest Social Enterprise – Aquaponics!

We are so excited and so lucky to have added a sixth social enterprise to the Riverview Gardens “family”.

Aquaponics joins Riverview Gardens’ other social enterprises which provide the “mission muscle” of our non-profit. Our social enterprises provide unlimited job-training opportunities for our ServiceWorks® participants, a source of revenue for financial stability and opportunities for the community to engage as volunteers and mentors.

Aquaponics, like hydroponics, is an innovative, soil-less farming technique. Aquaponics is a way to produce high quality naturally grown fruits, fish and vegetables while bypassing the limitations of growing seasons. Farming without soil and climate constraints allows us to localize our food supply, creating an abundance of sustainable food all year round. Produce is sold to local institutions and supports our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. With the addition of Aquaponics, Riverview Gardens is the largest indoor growing facility from De Pere to Fond du Lac.

Our new Aquaponics facility is located in Neenah; giving us the opportunity to engage a new community in addressing the root causes of unemployment, poverty and homelessness through hard work, creativity and human dignity.

Click here to learn more about how aquaponics works.

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